Sinkola is located in Thomasville, Georgia, in the heart of the Red Hills Region. Known for its rolling hills and red clay soils, the Red Hills are dominated by majestic old-growth longleaf pine forests and abundant wildlife. The Red Hills are also home to a myriad of traditional private quail hunting plantations with the highest densities of wild Bobwhites anywhere in the United States. Here, the Bobwhite is king - and as wild as they come!

The northern Bobwhite quail—with its swift movement, explosive covey bursts, and unpredictable flight—represents the gold standard for upland bird hunters in the United States.  The coveys can be large, quick, and awfully humbling to even the most experienced shooter. There’s nothing that compares with the hurried flush of a wild covey. Wings wildly beating as a covey rises over perfectly motionless pointed dogs is an experience you will never forget - and an image you will want to relive over and over.

At Sinkola, we hunt quail the same way now as has been done here for the last century.  The woods have been managed basically the same since the property was purchased at the beginning of the previous century.  Through the use of annual prescribed fires, selective timbering and patch field planting, the habitat at Sinkola is a perfect haven for Bobwhites to thrive.

Sinkola offers an authentic southern quail hunt steeped in tradition.  Go back in time as you ride in the century old mule drawn hunting wagon or ride our mild mannered horses along one of the various quail courses.  Enjoy dog work that is second to none thanks to handler Neal Carter Jr.’s forty plus years of dog training and hunting experience on this property.

While there’s no assurance that your aim will always be accurate in the abrupt rush of a true covey flush, we guarantee the gratification that comes from  putting one of these wild birds in the bag.


Sinkola Plantation Quail Hunting